We are very proud to announce our new international exclusive agreement with Scholars Literature, of co-publishing of scientific articles.

Please visit our new web page of co-publishing articles.


For any queries related to the Journal please reach us at contact@scholarsliterature.com or laprensamedica@scholarsliterature.com

Articles published in Scholars Literature will be considered for indexing in scopus.

* Note to Authors & Readers: La Prensa Médica Argentina has ceased its co publishing agreement with SciTechnol (OMICS Group) because of its predatory activities. They does not have authorization to publish since volume 104, nor receive or request payments for the publication of manuscripts/papers on behalf of "La Prensa Médica Argentina" or under the name "La Prensa Médica". The parent publisher will not be held responsible under any circumstances for any promoted or related activities to SciTechnol (OMICS Group).