Centennial commemoration of "La Prensa Médica Argentina".

On the occasion of the centenary (1914-2014) of the science journal dean of health journals, it was performed with a conmmertion at the Auditorium of the Usina del Arte at 19 pm. Monday May 12, 2014.

The event was attended by authorities of the most important institutions related to health and special guests.


19.00 hs. Home Commemoration: opening remarks by Dr. Pablo Lopez,
Director of "La Prensa Médica Argentina".

19.10 hs. Words of the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires,
Ing. Mauricio Macri.

-words of Prof. Dr. Jorge Daniel Lemus
Advisory Board - Foundation Stage Medical Press Argentina.

-words of Prof. Dr. Sergio Provenzano
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine UBA.

-words of Dr. Manuel L. Martí
Vice President of the National Academy of Medicine.

Symphonic Concert - Orchestra of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires,
under the direction of Maestro Dario Ingignoli.
They performed the Symphony No. 5 in C Minor Op 67, composed between 1804 - 1808 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Closing Act.

Camaraderie toast - Mirror Foyer.

Remarks by Dr. Pablo Lopez director of "La Prensa Médica Argentina".

Act auditorium in the Usina del Arte.

Concert of the orchestra of the Faculty of Medicine UBA

Camaraderie toast - Mirror Foyer.