Instructions for authors.

IMPORTANT: please notice that articles submission could be in English or Spanish.

The journal "La Prensa Médica Argentina” ® publishes scientific papers of clinical, surgical and medical specialties of medical writers of general interest to professionals. Rigorous research to make a significant contribution to the advancement of knowledge in these fields is encouraged. The journal provides authors expert arbitration, ensuring that the high quality of the published articles reflects solid scholarship in their respective fields and that the information they contain is accurate and reliable.

Should be written preferably in spanish or in english and must include a summary in english and in a manner to preserve the style of the magazine.

We invite you to contact us, or if you wish, view the instructions for authors.

Instructions for authors for the printed version:


Items may be delivered in person Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 12:00 and 15:00 to 17:00 ) or mailed to the address of publisher: Junín 917, 2do “D” ( C1113AAA) Buenos Aires, Argentina. A hard copy and a CD copy containing the original electronic format as MS Word file "Doc" or Adobe "Pdf".
Preferably should be sent by email to the addresses of the editorial in the same formats as listed above.
In no case may inquire about the possible date of publication because it is subject to the final approval of the editorial board. The magazine considers fundamentally beyond the possible merits of the article, the interest of our readers and the importance or relevance of the subject.
Authors should refrain from requiring reports on items which are in turn of been published.
Not all jobs may be published for reasons of space or because they do not fit the general guidelines journal (regardless of its possible merits).


"La Prensa Médica Argentina” publishes only original articles of scientific papers of clinical, surgical and medical specialties.
It is imperative to state an address.


From 6 to 8 pages of text (5400 characters per page, approximately) and up to 4 or 6 figures. They can be in color if the work justifies it.


The electronic format must be like MS Word file. "Doc" or Adobe. "Pdf" and must include all the tables or figures / authors considered necessary in the format indicated.

The author should always keep a copy of the material submitted.


The title should be short, clear and concise. The authors appear with their full names, under each name will be located the major titles. It is appropriate not to include too many co-authors, especially those not directly involved in the work development. Thanked them as well as those made ​​to individuals or institutions will go to the end of the text.
At the bottom of the first page will contain the place where experience took place or authors (or the first author) perform, or institution supporting scientific grounds with the corresponding mailing address.


MATERIAL and METHODS, with the job, which should be described only in highly modified or if they extend the original methods, were they are performed while the others will be mentioned only and, if possible, only in the Introduction, and in the citations; RESULTS, there will be expressed in percentages and their statistical significance is indicated; COMMENTS and DISCUSSION, in which will appear the conclusions. For reasons of layout and cost, extensive statistical tables are avoided.

- Terminology:

Avoid strange twists and a scientific paper metaphors are always written in the third person.
The journal reserves the right to make grammatical changes, clarifications, references, deletions, substitutions or other it deems necessary to obtain uniformity of style.
Within the text should not be included trademarks or trade names. Drugs are cited only by its chemical or generic names, if the author desired, at the end of the article, include the equivalent trademark.


All units of measure, weight and time should be expressed as the system centimeter -gram- second. The temperature is indicated in degrees centigrade. If abbreviations are use, it is imperative to accompany the explanation where there is the first mention in the text, even those that the author considers of common use.


They will be very brief and bearing only the positive and real interest and importance data. The same approach should be followed for the analyzes performed.


Maintain a single numbered consecutively from 1 onwards, they should be sent under separate cover loose. For digital format accompany the main document but in a separate document. Radiographs or slides are not allowed. Ideally, the figures are original, clear pictures, standard size (magazine reduces them to the appropriate size).

- LEGENDS (figure captions or headings):

Should be grouped on a separate sheet, tables or statistical tables are not numbered figures aside, also from 1 onwards.


Are particularly requested by the Department and not spontaneous ships are accepted.


They are not the usual content of the journal. Their inclusion will be exceptional and for no reason will include political, partisan, etc. threads.


Clarifications related articles are included in the journal only, or because their structure does not determine extension for publication.


For reprints of articles published in the Journal, please contact: (Library of the National Academy of Medicine ) or for more information visit our website at the respective section.


The abstract in spanish will be brief, but should give a clear idea of ​​the results, the subject of work, number of cases and percentages of positivity and the conclusions of the experience (what was done, what was found and the application that it can have) and it must be accompanied by another in english language properly drafted


Should not be more than 25-30 appointments, but should never be omitted; must be grouped at the end of work. For journal articles will be written as follows: surname and initials of the names of the authors, full title in the original language, name of the publication synthesized according to international abbreviations ("volume", "page" and "year" in that order).